Don’t Buy Video

Dont_Buy_VideoYou don’t buy coal, you buy heat.
You don’t buy the paper, you buy the news.
You don’t buy circus tickets, you buy thrills.
And you don’t buy glasses, you buy better vision.

Are you buying video? Or something bigger? It’s easy to be distracted by the need to do a video every year. But for what purpose?

It used to be that just because a company produced a video almost guaranteed that people would watch it. Not so today. Today’s viewer has seen it all. Your target audience knows what makes for a credible video presentation, and—perhaps even more importantly—what does not.

With today’s pinched budgets, no one can afford video for video’s sake. But that’s not to say that you shouldn’t use video to communicate. We say it’s time to expect more:

  • It’s time to expect that the videos you create serve a purpose that’s clear, objective and measurable.
  • It’s time to expect that your videos connect you with your specific audience… recognizing their present state of mind and respecting their commitment, intelligence and time.
  • And it’s time to expect that your videos produce a result for your organization… like any business investment you make.

So, are you just buying video? Or are you accomplishing critical business goals?

How great would it be if…?
Your salespeople could bring a satisfied customer along to every sales call. Video can do that

How great would it be if…?
You could close more deals by bringing more customers to your plant. Video takes customers inside your organization for a better-than-firsthand look at what makes it unique.

How great would it be if…?
You could overcome consumer skepticism by bringing your organization’s mission to life. Video can tell emotionally engaging stories. Convince their hearts, and their heads will follow.

How great would it be if…?
A complex product demonstration always went perfectly (and quickly). With the right concept and appropriate use of the camera, lighting and editing; video can capture the magic and pick up the pace.

How great would it be if…?
Every salesperson sold as well as the best salesperson in your organization. Video can be a great training tool, as well as a tremendous support tool that adds credibility to every sales call.

So change your expectations: Don’t buy video. And don’t miss the opportunity to do something great for your organization.


Rick Cornish creates communications that inform, influence and inspire… helping organizations increase sales, promote unity and persuade their people to embrace change. Working in video, corporate meetings, event marketing and more; Rick delivers purposeful creative that drives business results and builds stronger brands.

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