Confessions of a Compulsive Creative

Observations and opinions on how business communicates and how we can do it better.

More for Your Money: The 3-Rs Test

I don’t know any company that isn’t looking for ways to either cut costs or maximize their return from the dollars, euros, pounds sterling and/or yen they spend on their annual meeting. For those … [Read more...]

Lessons from Showbiz: Be Yourself

“Be yourself. Unapologetically.” —Ke$ha   During my 20s and 30s, I had the privilege of backing up some legendary showbusiness personalities. Across the spectrum of performers… from Tony … [Read more...]

On Presenting: Put the Audience First

Fade up on comedian Jerry Seinfeld, on stage at a posh theater. We pick him up mid-monologue as he remarks with perfect comic timing… "…so I got off the elevator, cut in line and said; ‘what is … [Read more...]

Creative Thinking—Part 2: Study the Assignment

In Part 1 of the Creative Thinking series, I offered an overview of the creative process.This week, let’s take a deeper dive into step one: Study the Assignment. I always start by getting deep into … [Read more...]

Tech Tip: Make Sure You’re Heard

When moving from the conference room to the big stage, one of your most important tools will be the microphone. Here are a few basic tips to make sure you're heard.   If you’re speaking … [Read more...]

Creative Thinking—Part 1: Lightning Strikes & Big Ideas

“Never hope more than you work.” —Author Rita Mae Brown Creativity, in my experience, comes from two places: Lightning strikes and relentless, focused effort. And while lightning strikes are fun … [Read more...]

Tech Tip: Dressing for On-Screen Success

In his 1972 book, "Silent Messages," UCLA  Professor Albert Mehrabian introduced his landmark research into the relative importance of verbal and nonverbal messages. He found that three factors … [Read more...]

Lessons from Showbiz

It’s been said that everyone in America has two careers: Their own business. And show business. I actually started my career in showbusiness. No, I didn’t kick the Can Can in the Follies Bergere or … [Read more...]

On Presenting: Make Your Message Matter

If you’re tapped to speak at a meeting or convention, here are a few things to consider as you plan your presentation: Tell stories. People have communicated using stories since the dawn of spoken … [Read more...]

The Measure of Success

If you're a senior sales executive thinking about your next annual meeting, take a cue from consumer goods marketers. Survey your market BEFORE launching that big campaign. Not only can you better … [Read more...]