Lessons from Showbiz

It’s been said that everyone in America has two careers: Their own business. And show business. I actually started my career in showbusiness. No, I didn’t kick the Can Can in the Follies Bergere or … [Read more...]

On Presenting: Make Your Message Matter

If you’re tapped to speak at a meeting or convention, here are a few things to consider as you plan your presentation: Tell stories. People have communicated using stories since the dawn of spoken … [Read more...]

The Measure of Success

If you're a senior sales executive thinking about your next annual meeting, take a cue from consumer goods marketers. Survey your market BEFORE launching that big campaign. Not only can you better … [Read more...]

Taming Your Maverick Network

Check-Out Time Orlando, Florida — Sunday morning, 9:00am I’ve just wrapped a highly-successful sales meeting the night before. (Actually, it was well into the morning hours before my team and I … [Read more...]

Don’t Buy Video

You don’t buy coal, you buy heat. You don’t buy the paper, you buy the news. You don’t buy circus tickets, you buy thrills. And you don’t buy glasses, you buy better vision. —Anonymous Are you … [Read more...]

Meetings Matter

1774: The first Continental Congress 1865: Summit at Appomattox Courthouse 1894: The modern Olympic Games established 1945: Yalta Conference 1963: Martin Luther King’s march on … [Read more...]

Lessons from Showbiz: Perfection takes Practice

You’ve been asked to speak at an upcoming company meeting. Your first reaction: Excitement. Your next reaction: Panic. When it comes to doing business presentations, there are those who are … [Read more...]

The Medium is Not the Message

Move over, Marshall McLuhan. If you’re creating corporate videos, the medium is not the message… it’s just the mechanism. But how you use this medium can make your message tangible, accessible and … [Read more...]