Don’t Buy Video

You don’t buy coal, you buy heat. You don’t buy the paper, you buy the news. You don’t buy circus tickets, you buy thrills. And you don’t buy glasses, you buy better vision. —Anonymous Are you … [Read more...]

Meetings Matter

1774: The first Continental Congress 1865: Summit at Appomattox Courthouse 1894: The modern Olympic Games established 1945: Yalta Conference 1963: Martin Luther King’s march on … [Read more...]

What is a Brand?

Introduction The goal of this article is to provide a broad conceptual understanding of what branding is—and (perhaps just as importantly) what it’s not. We’ll cover why companies spend so much time, … [Read more...]

Lessons from Showbiz: Perfection takes Practice

You’ve been asked to speak at an upcoming company meeting. Your first reaction: Excitement. Your next reaction: Panic. When it comes to doing business presentations, there are those who are … [Read more...]